Gatehouse and Supporting Infrastructure

Justice / Under construction 2018 / TCC $45M AUD / for CO-OP Studio

Lead Project Architect - full architectural services

Melbourne | Design and delivery of multiple buildings within an operational secure environment, involving complex staging and extensive stakeholder consultation. New construction includes the public Gatehouse and Industries.  The project also requires alterations and additions to an existing health centre and commercial kitchen. Significant site wide infrastructure upgrades include: security installations, fire tanks and pumps, fibre optic communiciation and BMS network.

The Kipsy

Residential / Unbuilt 2015 / TCC $300k AUD / for Fresh Moko

Sole Architect - full architectural services

Way Out West

Residential / Completed 2014 / TCC $300k NZD / for Fresh Moko

Sole Architect - full architectural services

Auckland | Extension of an existing 1950's state house to accommodate an expanding family and an appearance medicine clinic.  Flexible planning and an unassuming rear addition doubled the footprint without compromising the established context of the quarter acre dream.

Small House

Residential / Completed 2013 / TPC $450k AUD / for Fresh Moko

Sole Architect - full architectural services

Melbourne | Full internal remodel of an 1890's Victorian terrace. Although the building envelope was unaltered, the interior quality was transformed and sustainable features retrofit across the tiny site.  High end finishes coupled with generous design allowances has created a modern urban dwelling equally appealing to professionals, downsizing retirees and young families.

Spencer Street Redevelopment

Residential / Unbuilt 2012 / TCC $700k NZD/ for Fresh Moko in association with YOYA

Lead Architect - fee offer + appointment to briefing + concept design

Kerang District Health Redevelopment

Health / Completed 2016 / TCC $ 37m AUD / for Whitefield McQueen

Lead Architect - masterplan to developed design, managing a team of four

Assistant to Director - design, Department of Health liason, user-group consultation

Waurn Ponds Library and Community Hub

Public / Completed 2011 / TPC $ 4.2m AUD / for Whitefield McQueen

Lead Architect - EOI + bid phase to contract administration, managing team of three

Assistant to Associate - client liaison, user-group consultation

Geelong | The jewel box concept was a play on the enormous, utilitarian Leisurelink Aquatic Centre co-located on site.  Squeezed onto a remnant piece of land, the relatively tiny building was designed to draw the eye.  Boardwalk entry ramps rise through a creek bed landscape and behind the perforated steel screen. 

Media | Sydney Morning Herald

Bonnie Doon Community Centre 

Public / Unbuilt 2011 / TCC $750k AUD / for Whitefield McQueen

Lead Architect – fee offer + appointment to user-group consultation + master plan

Bacchus Marsh Library

Public / Completed 2011 / TCC $ 2.8m AUD / for Whitefield McQueen

Architect - documentation team member

Vanuatu Supreme Court

Justice / Unbuilt 2011 / TCC 2.715B VATU | $ 32.5m AUD / for Whitefield McQueen

Architect - Cultural research and context advisory

Project member - briefing to detailed design, team of four led by consultant Prof. Graham Brawn (University of Melbourne)

Port Vila | An intensively researched design project for the Government of Vanuatu. The geographical, cultural, societal and environmental factors drove the meticulous design outcome.  The project was developed from feasibility through masterplanning to detailed design, allowing preliminary costing and financial planning to be undertaken.  This will be a landmark building in the Pacific.

Mansfield Keeping Place

Public / Unbuilt 2011 / TCC $ 2.5m AUD / for Whitefield McQueen

Lead Architect – concept design + business plan

Yarraville Community Centre

Public + Education / Completed 2010 / TPC $ 5.1m AUD / for Whitefield McQueen

Lead Architect - schematic design to post-occupancy, managing team of three

Assistant to Associate - client liaison, contract administration (prior to registration)

Melbourne | The YCC caters for a broad range of programmes requiring multipurpose environments for contemporary community education.  The functional aspects of the brief - including early childhood and adult continuing education, artist in residence studios, community dance and yoga spaces - were resolved in a design necessarily balanced against the cultural significance of the building. The ICOMOS Charter was referenced. 

Media | The Greens Press Release

Mansfield Adult Continuing Education

Education / Completed 2010 / TCC $ 1.3m AUD / for Whitefield McQueen

Lead Architect - developed design to post-occupancy

Assistant to Director - client liaison, contract administration (prior to registration)

Te Whare Wananga o Awanuiarangi

Education / Completed 2013 / $ undisclosed / for designTRIBE

Graduate architect - Noho Centre developed design

Project member – for precinct development

Whakatane | A broad brief including live-in accommodation, education spaces and an extensive library facility.  The client consultation process led to the incorporation of narratives in precast concrete and the widely adopted articulation of structure - used for both it's symbolic value and adherence to traditional construction techniques.

Newton Primary School Redevelopment

Education / Completed 2011 / $ undisclosed / for designTRIBE

Graduate architect - documentation of decanting and refurbishment of dental clinic and resource room

Project member - masterplan + classroom expansion redevelopment

Mataatua + Te Manuka Tutahi Centre

Public / Completed 2011 / $ undisclosed / for designTRIBE

Graduate architect - complex tender documentation for Mataatua Meeting House

Project member – precinct design and documentation

Whakatane | After an extraordinary 130 year history of cultural appropriation, the re-erection of the historic Mataatua wharenui in Whakatane was a significant milestone for te tangata o Ngati Awa.  Led by the tohunga whakairo Wepiha Apanui, the large house was completed in 1875 as a symbol of unity and a gesture of goodwill towards the Crown. The precinct incorporated a visitor centre and conference facilities to support the use of the house.

Media | The House That Came Home (9m46s)


Residential / Completed 2009 / TPC $ 165k NZD / for Fresh Moko

Sole Architect - full architectural services